Figubo (Figure Board) is a project focusing on gifted photographers of Japanese bishoujo figures and dolls that were mainly inspired by anime.

The idea of this project is to offer an opportunity for photographers to display their work through a series of exhibitions. The most active photographers are also given a platform for presenting their work.

9 Exhibitions
9 Years
36 Photographers

258 Photos

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Yayoi Nishimura

Yayoi Nishimura is the face and mascot character of Figubo. Cheerful and ambitious like the project she represents, Yayoi aims to capture hearts of creators and fans around the world.

Name: Yayoi Nishimura

Japanese Name: やよい西村

Birthday: August 11th

Height: 159cm

3 size: “n-n-none of your business!”

Age: 16

Blood type: Type B

As Yayoi would introduce herself: A full-time (self-proclaimed) “High Score of Okinawa” and a part-time 1st year student of Okinawa Shogaku High School. Born into a strict family and living on an island surrounded by military bases, Yayoi has naturally grown tired of the local peaceful lifestyle. Her curiosity motivates her to explore and discover every inch around her, even if it’s just on the island of Okinawa. Although sometimes clumsy and not very “lady-like” (which leads to various bruises and not so perfect… class attendance), Yayoi’s courageous spirit won’t allow her to ever get bored. Equipped with her grandpa’s old camera and a bag always full of snacks, she aims to become the greatest reporter.

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