Interview: Keng figure

I started sculpting figures about 10 years ago, but, before that, I had already sculpted some realistic portraits while I had been studying at university…

When and why did you start sculpting figures? Can you tell us what your beginnings looked like? What kind of figures do you focus on?

I started sculpting figures about 10 years ago, but, before that, I had already sculpted some realistic portraits while I had been studying at university. Creating anime figures started with failures. I did not know how to make anime faces, so my first figure looked horrible XD. in general, I focus on the characters I like. I am successful when I love or like the character. That is the main reason why I cannot receive commissions.

How does the creation of figures look? Can you explain the whole process?

I use Super Sculpey and Air Dry Clay (La Doll and Fando brands). When it comes to tools, I use the basic ones and I also make some of my own. I start making garage kits only when I am satisfied with the result and the demand from my customers is high enough. I usually make something between 20 to 50 pieces.

You can learn what Keng’s sculpting looks like in the video below.

What is the favourite figure you have ever created? Is there any favorite painting of your figure done by a customer?

I like them all but my favourite one is The Liberation (my original sculpture). Unfortunately, it was not very popular XD. A favourite painting will probably be Violet Evergarden. They paint her very well and also take nice photos of her.

Keng’s Violet (left) and Violet painted and photographed by Gale XV (right).

What about the cooperation with major figure companies? What are the chances for garage kits to be picked up and used as an official production line?

Major companies have a lot of talented sculptors, they use 3D technologies and can make prototypes very quickly. Unfortunately, I do not think I will cooperate with such a company anytime soon. Some of the garage kits may, of course, become official products. They pick them during the Wonder Festivals. I would like to attend one as soon as possible.

What do you consider the most important figure-sculpting achievement you have ever accomplished?

I think it is the acceptance of my work by most people. I know I cannot make everyone love my work but if 60 to 70% of people like it, I think it will be an accomplishment for me.

Is there any upcoming figure project you are going to surprise us with?

I have remade Violet Evergarden again. I love the movie of the same name for the emotions it makes me feel.

What other hobbies do you have besides figure sculpting?

Figure sculpting is the only hobby I focus on. Well, at least I do not see playing games as a hobby XD

What is your favourite anime and an anime character?

Examples of my favourite anime are Clannad and Violet Evergarden. My favourite characters are definitely Nico Yazawa from Love Live! and of course Violet. I also like a lot of Touhou characters. Does Hololive count as an anime character? I love a lot of them!

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